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Rural atmosphere, picturesque surroundings, natural flavours

In the south-west of Hungary, in the hills of Zala, lies the village of Zalacsány. Örvényeshegy is part of this lovely village, which has an unrivalled natural beauty: in the neighbourhood of the Örvényes stream and the forest, you can find us if you are looking for hospitality, delicious snacks or just relaxation and recreation.

Many of us can recall the taste of the food we used to enjoy sitting at our grandmothers' kitchen tables. Back then, the ingredients we used to cook with were the real thing, the result of farmers' hard work and the power of nature. Today it is still important to know what we eat. The area's conditions allow us to grow a variety of vegetables and fruit with our own hands, right here on the spot. This is an excellent source of ingredients for the kitchen of our restaurant, the Farm Inn Inn. Because it's important to us to stick together, we also focus on produce from local farmers.

You can taste homemade cheeses, syrups, juices, fine wines, and special brandies from nearby distilleries. And if there's something you really like, you can even stock up on bottled goodies for the winter in our Chamber Shop. We don't have a modern high-tech kitchen, but we work with so-called "housewife-technology", which also means: love is one of the ingredients of all our dishes.

We can’t wait to meet you!

The Farm Inn Team

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